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 Bharara seemed puzzled at first, saying he was not aware of it but then said no communication system should be presumed to be safe from potential government monitoring if people are using it for the wrong purposes.
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 The savagery of that region is incomprehensible. If there is a higher power you can be 100% certain that blowing up 14 innocent children is not going to put you in any deities good graces. The middle east is hell on earth.
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 Subsequent opinion polls indicated a fall in support for independence and the pro-independence Parti Quebecois was defeated in 2003's provincial election, but regained power in 2012. In a largely symbolic move, parliament in 2006 agreed that the Quebecois should be considered a "nation" within a united Canada.
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 “Any time you can have that stability from a homegrown guy who ironically enough nails down his 100th win tonight himself, there’s a lot of things that have come together this season and tonight’s another one,’’ said manager John Farrell.
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 The British Columbia Coroners Service said the autopsy will be carried out immediately but results will not be available for several days. Toxicology tests are used to determine if drugs, alcohol or other substances were in his body at the time of death.